Rapid development

Our main development center is located in Busan, Korea.
This city has a long history of footwear industry.
It has allowed us to create close relationship with diverse partners.
We have lots of samples & equipment for development.
Also we have tons of materials in our in-house warehouse.
Most of all, we have well organized development team with rich experience.
Thanks to all these circumstance,
we can provide customer high-end sample rapidly.

Quality is everything

“Quality is everything” –
This philosophy is shared by every member of us.
To realize it, we build up well defined process from development to production.
Most possible problem can be caught by early signaling via a continuous improvement cycle.
Thanks to qualified technical staff made up of skilled, in-house technicians, each production line is constantly monitored to ensure strict compliance to quality standards.

Sustainable Business

We know that sustainability is key factor for long-term business.
We believe that our sustainable management can create value for customers, investors, local society and the environment.

With this conviction,
– Our factories participate in BetterWork for on-going improvement in working condition and performance.
– We use HIGG Index facility module to measure and control environmental performance of our factories.
– We purchase all leather from the supplier who is a member of LWG.

Learn from experience

Over 34 years, we have been working with customers and partners in the diverse area of footwear business.
We reflect on our experiences to encourage lifelong learning and improvement.
Thanks to it,
we have an insight in our business situation and
we build up flexible strategy to confront an evolving threat.